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Our Technologies

Cutting-Edge Spring Technology
At Four Star, spring technology provides the foundation support structure of all our mattresses. You would have thought that after being around for over 100 years, people would have perfected the art of making springs.

Four Star Hygiene Technology
Our bodies release perspiration, fat and dead skins while we are asleep making mattresses and bedding materials ideal breeding grounds for dust mites, bacteria and moulds (or microscopic fungi).

Anti-Static Technology
As we go about our everyday lives touching or brushing against objects, our bodies continually pick up electrons. The accumulation of electrons causes static electricity to build up in our bodies and...

Handcrafted Upholstery Technology
A common approach to strengthen edge support for a mattress is to use a layer of inexpensive high density foam at the edges. This approach robs the mattress of bounciness at the edges and leaves indentations along the mattress edge.