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Four Star Hygiene Technology

Our bodies release perspiration, fat and dead skins while we are asleep making mattresses and bedding materials ideal breeding grounds for dust mites, bacteria and moulds (or microscopic fungi).
With people leading such busy lives nowadays, effective cleaning is hardly possible or practical, so these unwelcome guests can steadily reproduce. Dust mites, in particular, feed on dead skin and mould, and their excrement leads to the increase in allergen concentration. Bacteria can cause dermatological problems and moulds create musty odours.

All Four Star products incorporate hygiene technology developed by Sanitized AG, a leading worldwide producer of antimicrobial hygiene function & material protection for textiles in Switzerland. The Sanitized® hygiene technology is integrated into Four Star mattresses or bedding materials and provides effective protection against bacteria, mites and moulds.

Four Star Mattresses are:

Anti-Dust Mite
Dust mites are just about visible to the naked eye and thrive in beds. They do not bite humans. They feed on moulds and dead skin flakes and excrete faecal particles which constitute the major allergens in the bed room.

For added hygiene control, we recommend our customers to have their mattresses sanitised. This will help to control bacterias and fungus growth on the mattress. We recommend Furniture Hygiene Experts to be the ultimate solution to your indoor hygiene cleaning practice. Visit their website here for more information.