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DETENSE - Relax, Recharge, Renew

TENSE®- Improving your sleep environment, giving you the best sleep quality of your life


At Four Star, we never stop innovating new sleep technologies to bring our customers the best quality of sleep. From our research, we came to understand that the environment which we sleep in, actually affects how well we sleep. And thus in 2001, we invented DETENSE®, the mattress which focuses on improving our sleep environment so that we get the best quality of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. DETENSE® adopts three key concepts of improving sleep environment: Proven Sleep Undisturbed Design, Anti-Static Technology, and Naturalign Pocketed Spring Technology. With the introduction of DETENSE®, we aim to give you the best quality sleep that you can get and in the long term, lead you to a healthier heart health.

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