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DETENSE - Relax, Recharge, Renew
The Concepts of Detense Proven Sleep Undisturbed Design Anti-Static Technology Naturalign Pocketed Spring Technology

TENSE Sleep Concepts


The Concepts Of DETENSE®
The idea behind a DETENSE® mattress is to improve the sleep environment that is conducive to sleeping better. A good sleep environment where you are undisturbed by any disturbances, helps ensure that your sleep cycle is not disrupted and you get the proper rest you need.

DETENSE®'s revolutionary mattress fabric incorporates Anti-Static technology, which discharges static stress that is accumulated on your body during the day. Without static, you sleep better and wake up fresher with a stronger heart.

Coupled with Four Star's renowned Naturalign™ pocketed spring system, the mattress offers a high level of comfort and softness while delivering superb natural body alignment.

Its Sleep Undisturbed™ design isolates individual movements, thus minimises motion disturbances caused by your partner's tossings and turnings and gives you both the assurance of waking up and feeling rested.

DETENSE® mattresses relax, recharge, and renew you while you are sleeping. Through the introduction of DETENSE®, we provide our customers with yet another innovative option which will help them achieve an entire night of quality, sleep.

Proven Sleep Undisturbed™ Design
Motion disturbances can cause interruptions to your sleep. This is a common problem when sleeping with a partner or when the springs of your mattress are not firm enough.


Anti-Static Technology
DETENSE® has an invisible and imperceptible carbon thread woven into its mattress ticking. This is an extremely fine multi-filament, bi-component double carbon thread.


Naturalign™ Pocketed Spring Technology
Four Star has a long history of producing pocketed spring mattresses. In fact, Four Star is the first brand to manufacture pocketed spring mattress in Singapore in 1975.