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About Us
For over forty years, Four Star has striven to be a leader and innovator in bedding technology and products. Four Star is registered in several countries and is recognized around the world for its innovation and the excellence of its products.
Our guiding principle is to create products of uncompromising quality that allow people to cultivate intimate relationships and enjoy uninterrupted sleep. To this end we continually scour the ends of the earth in search of the best technologies to incorporate into our products. We were the first to manufacture pocketed spring mattresses in Singapore, the first to introduce anti-static mattresses, the first to introduce anti-bedbug mattresses into the market, the first to introduce feathered pocketed spring mattresses…and the list continues to grow.

We are proud to base our manufacturing in Singapore because we believe in Singapore’s manufacturing excellence. We use Swiss machinery in our factories because it incorporates the highest precision engineering available in the world today and delivers products that conform to the most exacting quality machinery. Every product that rolls out of our factory has to pass the meticulous scrutiny of our Swiss trained personnel.

A History of Facts
Four Star has a history of innovation. Year after year we have taken the lead in introducing the latest innovations into the market place. In fact, you could almost say that we are serial innovators.
Year Milestone
1969 Begins mattress production
1975 Acquires first fully automated spring to unit machine
1975 First to produce pocketed Divan in Singapore
1987 First to incorporate 1116 springs in a mattress locally
1995 First to incorporate 1308 springs into a mattress globally
1995 First pocketed Divan in the world
2000 First moisture-transport surface in Singapore
2001 First Anti-Static mattress in Singapore
2008 First Feathered pocketed spring mattress in the world
2008 First to introduce Anti-Static mattress (adjudicated by Singapore Book of Records)
2009 First to introduce Feathered pocketed spring mattress (adjudicated by Singapore Book of Records)
2009 First to introduce Anti-Bedbug mattress in Singapore

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