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On Cloud Nine

How would you like to experience the peaceful tranquillity of paradise right here on earth? Our On Cloud Nine mattresses will usher in the comfort of heaven right into the bedroom while its cloud of feathers will transport you rapidly to blissful sleep.
Feathers are nature's springs and complement our renowned Naturalign™ Pocket Spring System. By combining them using a special feather-lay technology, we created the world’s first Feathered Pocketed Spring Mattress.

The inspiration for On Cloud Nine came from medieval Europe when only royalty and the extremely rich could afford feathered beds which were cherished as items of wealth and often given away as dowries for brides. Our aim was to modernize the eco-friendly feathered mattress so that people could experience feather’s soft, fluffy, luxurious comfort once again. And we succeeded by combining the soft fluffy feel of feathers with the effective support provided by pocketed springs.

The On Cloud Nine bedding series is a premium range designed to give you the ultimate in sleep experience.

Benefits of On Cloud Nine
Feathers are springy, act independently and complement the Naturalign Pocketed Springs in supporting natural body postures.

Caring For Your On Cloud Nine Mattress
Natural materials such as feather and cotton benefit from being aired occasionally. Feather beds should ideally be aired once a month.