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At Four Star, we devote our every waking hour to making sure you sleep better. So we have developed a mattress that is not only comfortable to sleep on but also proven to prevent bedbug reproduction and infestation.
Reported cases of bedbug infestations worldwide have been rising in recent years. Dramatic stories of bedbug outbreaks have frequently been reported in the Australian, British and American press. The situation has become so bad that the Environmental Protection Agency in the US held its first ever National Bedbug Summit in April 2009. Singapore has not been spared either with an estimated 10% to 20% increase in locally reported cases according to the Singapore Pest Management Association.

Bedbugs spread when they crawl into the luggages and clothes of travellers who then bring them back to their homes. With the rise in international travel due to business and pleasure, we can expect more frequent bedbug outbreaks in coming years. Without proper preventive measures against bedbug infestation, your home could be at risk from these pests.

Four Star is the first brand to introduce Anti-Bedbug mattress in Singapore. The revolutionary anti-bedbug technology has been proven by France’s Laboratoire T.E.C. to eliminate any invading bedbug within 72 hours and keep your mattress bedbug free for years to come.

Bedbugs Are NOT Dust Mites
There are many ANTI-DUST MITE products available in Singapore and it is easy to go away with the common misconception that these products give protection against bedbugs. However, bedbugs are not dust-mites...
...and these products do not offer any protection against bedbugs. If you want to have bedbug protection, you need to get an ANTI-BEDBUG mattress from Four Star.

Difference between Dust Mites and Bedbugs

FAQs on Bedbugs
With the rise in bedbug infestations worldwide and its potential to transmit diseases, we have put together an FAQ on bedbugs to acquaint you with these nasty pests.

Four Star’s Anti-BedBug Mattresses
Our special Anti-Bedbug technology is clinically proven by Laboratoire T.E.C in France and is able to eliminate any bedbug within 48 hours. The Anti-Bedbug technology incorporated into Four Star mattresses offers permanent protection against bedbug infestation as well as dust mites.
Four Star has incorporated Anti-Bedbug protection into 4 of its mattress models. We are also able to incorporate the Anti-Bedbug protection feature into any model of Four Star mattress desired.